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The Easiest Provinces to Get Canadian Permanent Residence

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow candidates who meet their particular requirements to be selected and nominated for Canadian permanent residence by each province and territory.

So which province of Canada makes it easiest to get PR? Keep reading as you embark on your Canadian immigration journey to find out which Canadian province is right for you!

There are more than 80 distinct PNPs, each with special eligibility criteria of their own. PNPs allow provinces to respond to specific immigration needs of their own. PNPs are also designed to fill vacancies in the labor force so that candidates with expertise in high-demand jobs are targeted.

Via previous work experience in the province, previous research in the province, or a job offer from an employer in the province, many PNPs require applicants to have a connection to the province.

There are, however, a few PNPs that are ideal for those living outside of Canada who have no relation to the provinces of Canada.

These are the three easiest provinces in 2021 to gain permanent Canadian residence:

#1 – Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker

The Foreign Skilled Worker PNP of Saskatchewan is structured to bring in workers with skills in the in-demand occupations of the province. An applicant must have at least one year of experience in one of the positions listed on Saskatchewan’s In-Demand Occupations List in order to be qualified.

As the In-Demand Occupations List is being extended, more workers will now be able to apply. In addition, applicants must have completed at least one year of post-secondary education and have some proficiency in either English or French.

Saskatchewan Foreign Professional Worker has two streams that are for candidates outside of Canada. First, the Saskatchewan Express Entry stream, which allows an applicant to be able to apply with an active Express Entry profile. Second, the In-Demand stream of Saskatchewan Occupations, which does not need an Express Entry profile.

#2 – Alberta’s Express Entry Stream

Some of the prosperous cities in Canada, such as Calgary and Edmonton, are home to Canada’s western province of Alberta. It is a province with a rising work market and a wide education system that should certainly be considered when thinking about the choices for immigration.

The Alberta Express Entry stream chooses applicants from the pool of federal Express Entrants and invites them to apply to the province for a nomination. One of the key benefits of this stream is that the minimum CRS score is 300, meaning that more candidates in the pool would have a chance to obtain a provincial Notification of Interest.

Receiving a provincial nomination would raise the CRS score of an applicant by 600 points, practically ensuring that in the next Express Entry draw they will obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.

#3 – Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream

With many newcomers attracted to the booming city of Toronto and its rising tech employment market, Ontario is Canada’s most popular destination for immigrants. As such, via PNP sources, the province has a broad quota for helping immigrants immigrate.

Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream is a perfect choice for those living outside of Canada! This stream prioritizes trained employees who in the province will be able to fill professional job vacancies.

Priorities for human capital are associated with the federal scheme of Express Entry. An applicant must have an active Express Entry profile with a CRS score of 400 points or above in order to be considered. Ontario scans and invites those profiles to submit to the PNP across all Express Entry profiles. The specific requirements that Ontario uses for choosing applicants have not been made public.

In the Human Capital Priorities Stream, Ontario began conducting draws last summer aimed at tech employees. Applicants are expected to have work experience in one of six designated NOC codes to be eligible. The province has carried out a total of three tech-specific draws since its launch, with a total of 4,350 invitations released so far.

For French-Speaking Skilled Workers with profiles in the Express Entry pool, Ontario also provides a PNP stream. This program could be a great choice for you if you have intermediate to advanced proficiency in French!

Which PNP is Right for You?

We know that it can be hard to narrow down which immigration program could be best for you, with more than 80 PNPs to choose from. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information if you are interested in learning more about Canada’s PNPs or other ways to immigrate to Canada!

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