The Easiest Provinces to Get Canadian Permanent Residence

Canada’s Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) allow candidates who meet their particular requirements to be selected and nominated for Canadian permanent residence by each province and territory.

So which province of Canada makes it easiest to get PR? Keep reading as you embark on your Canadian immigration journey to find out which Canadian province is right for you!

There are more than 80 distinct PNPs, each with special eligibility criteria of their own. PNPs allow provinces to respond to specific immigration needs of their own. PNPs are also designed to fill vacancies in the labor force so that candidates with expertise in high-demand jobs are targeted.

Via previous work experience in the province, previous research in the province, or a job offer from an employer in the province, many PNPs require applicants to have a connection to the province.

There are, however, a few PNPs that are ideal for those living outside of Canada who have no relation to the provinces of Canada.

These are the three easiest provinces in 2021 to gain permanent Canadian residence:

Landing in Canada During COVID-19

You need to land in Canada in order to finish your application process for Canadian permanent residency. With the border officially closed to non-essential travel, however, many foreign nationals wonder how they can finalize their application for Canadian immigration when complying with travel restrictions associated with COVID. During COVID-19, read on to learn more about your choices for landing in Canada. 

Your ability to travel to Canada will depend on your current immigration status to a large degree. You should know that applications for Canadian permanent residency are still processed by the Canadian government, but processing times can be longer than average.

The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Job in Canada in 2021

Many foreign nationals, seeking to ensure a better life for themselves and their families, see Canada as a land of opportunity. How to find jobs in Canada is one of the main concerns shared by our clients.

Whilst it is not easy to find a job in Canada, it is possible! Below, we have outlined the steps you need to take to make the most of your job quest in Canada.