This is not a visa, it is a permit or document that allows you to study in Canada provided by the Citizen and Immigration (CIC). You must remain registered if you possess a study permit and make fair and timely progress towards the completion of your course.

A visitor visa or electronic travel authorization is often followed by your study permit (ETA). Please note that a study permit is a document that allows you to study in Canada while you are permitted to enter Canada with a visitor visa or ETA.

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Necessary documentation for your study permit

You will need To apply for your study permit,

  • A letter of approval from your institution of education.
  • A passport or travel document that is valid
  • Proof that when you are in Canada, you can support yourself or any family members who might accompany you

Also, you must Prove you’ve got enough money to pay for your

  • Tuition fees
  • Living costs for yourself and any members of your family who come to Canada with you and
  • Transportation back to Canada for yourself and any family members who come with you Be a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record and not a threat to Canada's stability (you may have to provide a police certificate) Be in good wellbeing (you may need to complete a medical exam)
  • You will also be expected to appear at the Canadian embassy or consulate for a personal interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I study in Canada?

Generally, You can stay in Canada till your study permit will be expired. Look at your permit and it will tell you when it expires. You may ask for an extension in some situations.

Can I work while on a Study Permit?

Yeah, but only in limited cases, such as when:

  • Your jobs are on-campus;
  • The foreign student is a scholarship recipient;
  • The job was accredited as an integral part of the study programme;
  • The job consists of a post-doctoral fellowship or academic research;
  • The dissertation takes place in an area related to the study programme following graduation.
  • International students’ spouses are eligible to work in Canada temporarily.

International students’ spouses are eligible to work in Canada temporarily. Depending on where you study in Canada, there are other ways of working while on a study permit.

Do I always need a Study Permit to study in Canada?

No, A Study Permit is not needed for you when:

You take a course in French or English language training with a period of not more than three months; or

You are a spouse or minor child; a representative of a foreign country; a diplomatic or consular officer; or a representative of the United Nations or of some other intergovernmental body of which Canada is a member.

Can I extend my study permit?

Oh yes, you can. It will be appropriate for you to file Form IMM 1249. Individuals who want to apply for an extension of their study permit in Canada use this immigrant visa form. In order to change conditions or prolong their stay in Canada as students, individuals apply Form IMM 1249. This appeal refers to temporary residents who are currently living as students in Canada.