The Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds (H&C) policy enables persons to apply for permanent resident status under Canada in extraordinary situations by making an exception to existing laws but within the scope of current immigration law. On a case-by-case basis, all applications are evaluated.

The government looks for people who have extremely extreme and legitimate circumstances to leave their country of origin and permanently live in Canada when considering applications under the H&C programme. These can include threats to their mental and physical well-being.

To escape persecution, the H&C programme should not be confused with the refugee programme, which is for citizens leaving their country of origin.

In most cases, the H&C service is used by elderly parents whose children and grandchildren reside permanently in Canada and who have no personal, financial, or other relations in their country of origin. For those who have been refused visas under the resettlement programme, this programme is also appropriate.

After the applicant has resided in Canada for at least one year the necessary documentation for the H&C programme is submitted. Therefore, our policy is to have the applicant enter Canada with the requisite permission first (using a tourist visa or Super visa), and then we will provide the person with a comprehensive strategy and why it is justified, and finally provide the required documentation.

Gracewelt immigration consultants provide each customer with a personalized approach, so there is no question that your application will be filled out with your circumstances and your family situation in mind. We will prove to the Canadian immigration authorities, respectfully and carefully, that you have the right to be accepted under the H&C scheme.

The H&C programme, especially for those who are rejected by others is an excellent alternative to a variety of immigration programmes.

For instance, if one of your parents residing outside Canada is unable to survive on their own because of their age or health, and needs a relative’s treatment and assistance, but is rejected under other immigration programmes, they are eligible to apply under the H&C programme.

For expert advice and strategies, contact Gracewelt Immigration Consultants Canada if you are interested in applying for the Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds programme.